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Yost Theater

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Memorial Holiday weekend Party

Date: Sunday May 29th, 2016

Theme: Memorial Holiday weekend Party

Ages: 14-19

Prices: Regular: $20 / VIP: $25

Tickets: Tickets are purchased at the door the day of the event! Arrive early to avoid long lines!

ID Required: YES! Please make sure to bring along a proper school identification or other acceptable identification. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Description of Event: ALL NEW LOCATION at the largest Las Vegas style club in OC... at the Yost Theater, Santa Ana. This is an event everyone waits for every single year. It has got so popular that we had to open 3 other rooms with 3 more DJ's playing 3 different sounds. NOW that's a huge night. Don't miss out. NO school the next day because it's Memorial Day. On top of all this... SONY ENTERTAINMENT is sponsoring with a huge upcoming performance my MAXSO!

Directions to Venue: Check out the venue page here: Yost Theater