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NEON Stop Light Party

Date: Sunday May 26th, 2013

Theme: NEON Stop Light Party

Ages: 14-19

Prices: Regular: $15 / VIP: $20

Tickets: Tickets are purchased at the door the day of the event! Arrive early to avoid long lines!

ID Required: YES! Please make sure to bring along a proper school identification or other acceptable identification. Please see our FAQ for more information.

Description of Event: Neon Stop Light Party is a fun & interesting event. As you enter inside the amazing event you will have your choice to decide your relationship status. FREE glow bracelets will be given according to your status. Green, Yellow, & red. Read our banner above on our home page for the color meanings. You will know whos single, taken, or complicated. Remember... This is memorial day weekend so no school the next day, Holiday weekends are always slammed packed so arrive early.

Directions to Venue: Check out the venue page here: Shark Club